How We Got Started

Since 2009, Ball-U-Man Athletics has offered a variety of customized global athletic  programs specially designed to fit community needs originally within the Central New Jersey and the New York City Tri-State Area.  In recent years our brand and programs have grown domestically as well as internationally.  Our athletic programs  are  designed to develop skills to the next level while the teaching principles of sports and game awareness through structured play and technology.   Participants learn how to become a well-rounded player and most importantly a team player.

We have found that  our unique athletic system and structure have benefitted both participants and their families in the development and confidence building of their young athletes. Our athletic programs have also benefited community structures as a whole as we encourage the participation of all to create one unique team system.

Coaches, staff and volunteers are dedicated to educate and motivate each participant, encourage sportsmanship and teamwork while teaching fundamentals and advanced skills of each individual sport.  Most importantly with the tremendous support from parents,  our young athletes develop their skills and learn while having FUN!!! becoming model citizens within our global society.

With the strong support and encouragement of all our global participants and their families, we embark on the next chapter within Ball-U-Man Athletics - BALL-U-MAN ATHLETICS SPORTSWEAR.