Ball-U-Man’s mission is to provide every youth athlete the opportunity to excel in athletics while reinforcing positive influences, self-confidence, good values and the ability for personal growth and development.

It is our belief that the lessons of self discipline, self -esteem, concentration and teamwork learned by athletes during our camps/clinics will spill over into their academic and daily lives. This in turn helps to shape and mold participants into becoming productive citizens within their community.

Ball-U-Man Athletics has an ongoing goal to demonstrate the transformative value of sports and recreation within all communities. The environment, health, wellness, and social equity of communities using Ball-U-Man Athletics with your higher learning institution, communities, and private organizations can all be improved through our joint sports camps and clinics.

It is our belief that establishing a relationship with Ball-U-Man Athletics will be a winning relationship for any organization. Many people in various community will continue to be exposed to our athletic environment and all of the benefits that exist here.



Ball-U-Man Athletics offers a variety of customized sport camp programs specially designed to fit your community needs. Typically, our sessions can range from weekend and or weekly clinics, as well as our yearly fun summer camps.

Coaches, staff and volunteers are dedicated to educate and motivate each participant, encourage sportsmanship and teamwork while having fun learning the fundamentals of each individual sport. Most importantly our youth athletes develop their skills and learn while having FUN! In addition, our camps are structured towards developing model individuals within our society.

Our sports program is designed to develop skills to the next level through drills, stations, and teaching of principles & game awareness through structured play. Participants will learn how to become a well rounded player and most importantly a team player.

We have found that value in our unique camp system and structure have benefitted both the participants and the their families in the development and confidence building of their children. We have shown that our camps have benefited community structure as a whole as we encourage the participation of all to create one unique team.

Ball-U-Man Athletics is an all-year-round fully insured sports organization. Our primary location is in Central, NJ where we have established a positive reputation for our camps and clinics since 2009. Ball-U-Man Athletics has partnered with professional organization from the NBA such as the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers to help deliver the ultimate basketball experience. Ball-U-Man Athletics have also conducted basketball camps nationally in Austin, Texas and are currently introducing Ball-U-Man Athletics this season to locations in New York City.  We have also had the pleasure of conducting our first international basketball camp in 2013 and we are looking forward to continued success.